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About Me

My name is Mel Corrigan and I am an illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. I am a self-taught artist with an architect-trained eye for detail. 


I create my work using a mix of hand drawn and digital techniques. I love using the traditional medium of watercolour and coloured pencils or fineliner and enjoy experimenting with different viewpoints and compositions. I have been told my work has a soft, naturalism and that my subjects and scenes are imbued with a warmth that is appealing to children and adults alike.


Raising my young family has rekindled my love of picture books. I am interested in capturing the playfulness and imagination of children. I find inspiration in the little things: the everyday joys and interactions that colour our days. I love to portray the tenderness of families and friendship, and the way these relationships help to shape the younger generation.

Profile photo by Samara Clifford

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