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“Our Australian HeArt” by Just Write For Kids Australia and Friends is a special edition hard cover anthology celebrating the diversity, life and colours of Australia, as showcased by various local artists and illustrators of children’s books.


In this beautifully illustrated and lyrical anthology, our artists share their own tributes to a piece of Australia, from the sensations of glistening rocky landscapes to magical underwater reefs; the awe of our unique flora and fauna; the significance of historical memorials and childhood memories; and reflections on current cultural and environmental nuances. An inspiring, joyful and heartfelt treasure of language, art and culture for young readers and artists who can express their own response to, ‘What’s in YOUR Australian heArt?’


Specifications: ISBN: 9780645842722


| 216mm x 280mm | Hardback | 36 Pages | Full Colour | For ages 4+ | Daisy Lane Publishing & Just Write For Kids Australia

Our Australian HeArt Picture Book

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